Frederick C. Windmayer is a World War II Missing In Action (MIA) 2LT whose name is engraved on the Tablets of the Missing at the American Cemetery and Memorial Margraten in the Netherlands. His name is adopted by Peter Mulder, Secretary Stichting Missing In Action (MIA).

General information on Windmayer, Frederick C., ASN: O736446:

Name: Frederick Carrol Windmayer Jr.
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant (2LT)
Service number: O-736446
Status: Missing in action (MIA)
Missing since: November 29, 1943
Unit: 63rd Fighter Squadron
56th Fighter Group
Commemorated:   Tablets of the missing
Netherlands Margraten
U.S. Cemetery and Memorial
Adopted by: Peter Mulder


Missing (MIA) 2LT Frederick Carrol Windmayer - O-736446.

Missing (MIA) 2LT Frederick Carrol Windmayer. Tablets of the Missing at Margraten, Netherlands.


Captain Leroy A. Schreiber states in the Missing Air Crew Report 1278: "Because of oxygen shortage, I let down to 10,000' with Lt. Pruden, breaking out of the clouds over the dam at the north of the Zuiderzee. We turned somewhat south to avoid FLAK and crossed the Dutch coast about five miles north of Egmond.
At this point, I heard a radio conversation on A channel between Lt. Windmayer and a second airplane. Windmayer stated that his engine was running rough and that he had only forty gallons of gas. I called him on A channel and he answered that he could hear me very loudly. He asked the height of the clouds and I reported back that they were about 5,000' varying to 10,000'. I assumed he was climbing up thru the clouds so I waited on top.
About three minutes later he said he was afraid he was going to bail out. I asked him his angles and he replied "400ft". I dove thru the clouds breaking out at 600' and called several times but received no answer. My wingnam, Lt. Pruden, also called continually without success. I flew south for about three minutes and north for about six minutes but observed nothing on the water.
Although I was never in visual contact with Lt. Windmayer, our radio reception was so clear that we concluded we were very close to each other. At the time when the radio communication broke off, I was about ten to fifteen miles off the Dutch coast and west of IJmuiden. I searched the area as long as my gas duration permitted but without success. My wingman also searched in the same general area but he could make neither radio, nor visual contact.”


2LT Frederick C. Windmayer Jr. Aircraft Data:
Serialnumber: 42-7893
Type: P47D (P-47D - 1-RE with code UN-F).
Destination: Bremen, Germany
Mission: Ramrod
Missing Air Crew Report (MACR): 1278