Dominic J. Arcuni is a World War II Killed In Action (KIA) PFC whose grave can be found at the American Cemetery and Memorial Margraten in the Netherlands. His grave is adopted by the Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) board.

General information on Arcuni, Dominic J., ASN: 32641662:

Name:  Dominic Joseph Arcuni
Rank: Private First Class (PFC)
Service number: 32.641.662
Status: Killed in action (KIA)
Died: April 10, 1945
Unit: 1st Battalion
405th Infantry Regiment
102nd Infantry Division
Cannon Company
Commemorated:   Plot I, Row 17, Grave 2
Netherlands Margraten
U.S. Cemetery and Memorial
Adopted by: Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) board


Killed (KIA) PFC Dominic J. Arcuni - 32641662.


Killed (KIA) PFC Dominic Joseph Arcuni. Margraten, Netherlands.


Nunzio Arcuni (father)
Lillian Arcuni (mother)
Joseph Arcuni (brother)
Salvatore Arcuni (brother)
John Arcuni (brother)
Josephine Arcuni (sister)
Antonette Arcuni (sister)
Tony Arcuni (brother)
Nataline Arcuni (sister)
Jean Arcuni (wife). Mrs. Jean Arcuni later remarried