Here you find an overview of Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) closed projects regarding the search for missing World War II personnel. Feel free to follow the link to read more about each individual projects.


2008   -   Human skull found in Ulestraten (Netherlands)
2010   - ID tag (dogtag) found in Rucphen (Netherlands)
2011   - U.S. CPL Smith, Roland G. L. - ASN 32906237
2012   - U.S. PVT Murray, Vernard R. - ASN 34887983
2017   - Isolated grave soldier in Gronsveld (Netherlands)
2019   - German Grenadier Aalders, Albert
2020   - U.S. SSGT Blanton, Raymond Carlyle - ASN 33644965


Unfortunately we cannot publish any investigation details due to the fact that we fear that unskilled persons might try to search for the missing soldiers. This is something we would like to avoid and therefore we hope for your understanding.