The Dutch Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) is a non-profit organization. All projects Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) undertake are born from our ‘drive’, whereby we pursue one goal; research, investigate, find and recover missing World War II soldiers.

Help cannot be taken for granted and we are very aware of that. Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) depends on people and/or organizations that believe in our goal and want to help us achieve that goal.

Every project Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) starts entails costs. For example, a project requires research and sometimes documentation must be purchased. In addition we will have to visit potential field grave locations and various agencies in order for them to provide permits. This off course generates transportation costs.

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We need sufficient tools for excavation projects. Below is a list of items that we use and that you can help us with and your donation is appreciated very much! You can click on the hyperlink to view the tools we need. In the supplier’s webshop you can pay for the tools and have them sent directly to our address. The address to which the items can be sent is our statutory address:
Stichting Missing In Action (MIA)
Zuider Parallelweg 61
6882AJ VELP, Netherlands


Number   Description Webshop Link
3 Nokta Makro Premium Shovel Link
1 Nokta Makro Sand Scoop Link
2 Roughneck MicroShovel Link
2 Nokta Makro Premium Digger Link
2 Geologists Hamer 565 gram Link
4 Small Pickaxe Fiberglass Link
2 Pointed Trowel Link
3 Metal Sieve Link
1 Plastic Jerrrycan 20 Liter Link
1 First Aid Kit Model BHV Link
EUROM Generator GE2501 Donated
Plastic Cover 3x4m 100gr/m2 Donated
Aluminum Transport Case Donated
Outdoor Water-resistant Compass
(Donated by Koos & Leni Dam)
30m Land Surveyor
(Donated by Koos & Leni Dam)


If you want to donate financially;
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL25 INGB 0683677977
Bank Identifier Code (BIC/SWIFT): INGBNL2A
In favour of: A.M. de Louw
Located: Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands.

Please be so kind to leave your (company)name and address. We will, if you want, thank you by mentioning your (company)name on this page.