Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) will always be a non-profit organization. All action’s Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) undertakes are born from the drive of its members. None of these members are profiting from the foundation privileges. The foundation has only one ultimate goal; finding those that knew what “life” was all about and lived their life in the most intense way.

We are aware that help is not a common thing. Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) depends on persons and organizations that believe in our goal and therefore are willing to help us gaining this goal. Probably help will be offered by people who have an affinity with our goal, but not the means and/or time to take action upon oneself.

Every project Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) starts will cost money. Clues need investigation and that might come down to investing in books or other kinds of documentation. It will be necessary to visit various authorities when we need licenses or permits for an expedition. This will require transportation costs and maybe a fee for the required documents.

But; not everything depends on money. You could contribute by lending or donating merchandise and/or services, like plastic crates for transporting our gear or other materials, batteries, maps, documentation, maintenance of our metal detectors and more.


If you want to donate financially;

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL25 INGB 0683677977
Bank Identifier Code (BIC/SWIFT): INGBNL2A
In favour of: A.M. de Louw
Located: Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands.

Please be so kind to mention your (company)name and address.