On this page an overview can be found with the currently pending projects regarding the search for missing (MIA) World War II soldiers. Please feel free to follow the link to read more about each individual. Some of the projects are pending for several years now, but please note that they are still under active investigation.


2009   -   U.S. TSGT Wolfe, Cliffe Hamilton - ASN 36.506.695
2010   - U.S. PFC Carson, Virgil Blaine - ASN 37.357.818
  - U.S. SSGT Blanton, Raymond Carlyle - ASN 33.644.965
2013   - U.S. SGT Roller, William Edward - ASN 6.910.113
2018   - U.S. PVT Goempel, Frederick W. Jr. - ASN 33.925.395
  - German Grenadier Albert Aalders
    - Two German soldiers.
    - One German soldier.


Unfortunately we cannot publish any investigation details due to the fact that we fear that unskilled persons might try to search for the missing soldiers. This is something we would like to avoid and therefore we hope for your understanding.