Ton de Louw - Stichting Missing In Action (MIA), Netherlands.


The interest in all aspects of the Second World War dates back to the primary school. Bunkers in the area had a natural attraction. At home, Books about the war were on the bookshelf.

The fascinating hobby of searching with a metal detector started somewhere in 1997 through contact with a group of like-minded. By searching with the metal detector the past turns touchable and history begins to live. Sometimes you find evidence of WWII combat operations but also small pieces of the soldiers life in the field. Think of foil packages of toothpaste, lime powder for vitamin drinks and even toothbrushes. The amount of shrapnel’s make you realize a little bit of what the men in the field must have experienced.

It's sometimes good to reflect on all the horrors they have suffered for our freedom.

"Let's not forget!"

Ton de Louw, 2008
Treasurer Stichting Missing In Action (MIA), Netherlands

Since April 2018 Ton de Louw is an official Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) volunteer.
He earned this badge during one of the DPAA and Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) joint efforts bringing home a missing soldier.

Stichting Missing In Action (MIA) DPAA volunteer badge.